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“The Number One reason to see this revival production of High Fidelity:
– Chris Gibson, BroadwayWorld

“A kind of victory lap: a showcase for the musical’s clever songs,
endearing characters and above all for the New Line gang.”
– Judith Newmark, St. Louis Post-Dispatch

“I listened to the original cast recording of the show, and I can honestly say that

some of the recorded numbers couldn’t hold a candle to the New Line versions.”
– Kevin Brackett, ReviewSTL

“If you’re ready for flat-out fun, don’t miss this terrific show.”
– Steve Allen, Stage Door St. Louis

“If you love rock music and feel-good stories, High Fidelity should top your charts.”
– Mark Bretz, Ladue News

“If rockin’ music with a good story is your idea of great entertainment,
plan on seeing New Line’s High Fidelity.”
– Robert Mitchell, KDHX-FM

    I've got my daily crossword

    And there's coffee in the pot.

    I've got cable and a girlfriend

    Who is pissed off but she's hot.

    I've got records that it's taken me

    A lifetime to amass,

    And I play them on a system

    That will kick your system's ass!

             High Fidelity the Musical

In 2008, New Line brought back to life the extraordinary rock musical HIGH FIDELITY after its disappointing run in New York. The St. Louis production was the first after Broadway and it was welcomed with a sold-out run and rave reviews. And because of its success here, other productions were soon mounted around the country.

Then New Line returned to this amazing show again in 2012, to close out its 21st season. Based on the famous novel by Nick Hornby and the film starring John Cusack and Jack Black, this is a smart, sexy rock show about America's new Lost Generation and the music they live their lives to.

With lyrics by Amanda Green and music by Tom Kitt (Next to Normal), this is a genuine rock and roll score, peppered with musical references to some of the great rock and pop artists of our time, the muscular American rock sound of Bruce Springsteen, the raw rage of Guns N' Roses, the Eastern experiments of George Harrison and The Beatles, the intellectual playfulness of Talking Heads , the fierce defiance of Aretha Franklin, the smoky groove of Percy Sledge, the naked emotion of Ben Folds, the driving cynicism of Billy Joel.

This is a story not just told with music, but entirely about music, written by people who genuinely love rock and roll, and based on the novel that defined once and for all the relationship between rock and the lives of its fans. This is a show whose main character Rob sings in the voices of his Rock Gods. Their voices become his. Their music is the soundtrack of his life. It's a story about experiencing music autobiographically, about the incredible connection Americans feel to the pop music of their times. Listen to the show's opening number, "The Last Real Record Store on Earth."

With a script by one of the hottest young playwrights in New York, David Lindsay-Abaire, HIGH FIDELITY tells the sad-funny tale of Rob, a thirty-something, indie record store owner who knows everything there is to know about music but nothing about holding on to girlfriends. As he says in the novel, "I've spent nearly thirty years of my life listening to people singing about broken hearts. And has it helped me any? Has it fuck." The story starts with the breakup of the most recent in a long string of failed relationships, and Rob has to learn (with a little help from Neil Young and Bruce Springsteen) to take life and love as seriously as he takes his music.

New Line produced the American Regional Premiere in 2008, the first production after Broadway, and the St. Louis critics fell in love with the show. Several of the original New Line cast recreated their brilliant performances in 2012, surrounded by an incredible cast of New Line All-Stars -- Jeffrey M. Wright (Rob), Kimi Short (Laura), Zachary Allen Farmer (Barry), Mike Dowdy (Dick), Aaron Allen (Ian), Talichia Noah (Liz), Terrie Carolan (Anna), Margeau Baue Steinau (Marie LaSalle), Ryan Foizey, Nicholas Kelly, Todd Micali, Taylor Pietz, Sarah Porter, Keith Thompson, and Chrissy Young. Scott Miller directs, Robin Michelle Berger choreographs, and Justin Smolik will lead the New Line Band. Amy Kelly will repeat her costuming duties, with Ken Zinkl designing lights, Scott Schoonover designing the set, and Donald Smith designing sound.

High Fidelity production rights are available from Playscripts.


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