Tweet Seats

On every opening night, New Line Theatre invites ten active Twitter users to sit in the back row and live tweet throughout the opening night performance and during our opening night after-party.

Opening night for HEAD OVER HEELS is Friday, March 6, and we'll ask our Tweeters to use the hashtag #NewLineHOH.

The first ten people to email us when we post the Tweet Seats invitation for each show will get one free ticket each, and once someone is a New Line Tweeter, they will automatically be invited back for the next show.

To sign up to Tweet or If you have any questions, email us at

Meanwhile, follow New Line on Twitter @NewLineSTL

New Line has been working for a long time to extend the theatre experience beyond the physical theatre, with our blogs, our very active Facebook and Instagram accounts, etc., and the Tweet Seats offer a chance to reach out to people who might not otherwise think about coming to the theatre. While some might see tweeting during a performance as a distraction, we see it as a more intense interaction. To stay relevant, theatre has to exist in and embrace the real world and cannot pretend we still live in the 1950s. These Tweeters will share their theatre experience in the same way they share other experiences in their lives through social media.