"[New Line's] Rocky reminds us vividly of the emotional power actors can exert when they're in the same room as their audience, even if they're kidding around."

Judith  Newmark, St. Louis Post Dispatch


“When it comes to challenging St. Louis theater audiences, to stretching them, exposing them to new stimuli, hardly anyone is in a class with Scott Miller. . .
Rocky Horror
will bring much-needed light and laughter to downtown.”

– Joe Pollack, KWMU-FM


New Line's 2002-2003 season opened in Oct.  2002, in hilarious, sex-crazed style with the show New Line was born to produce, Richard O'Brien's THE ROCKY HORROR SHOW. After four years of negotiations (i.e., begging and pleading), New Line FINALLY acquired the rights to Richard O'Brien's brilliantly creepy, campy satire of American sexual hang-ups and the excesses of the Sexual Revolution, all told in the language of 1930s sci-fi B-movies, 1950s muscle magazines, and 1970s glam rock. 

The famous story follows the corseted, fish-netted Frank N. Furter, his fellow over-sexed aliens, and his perfect wet dream of a monster, the muscular, blond Rocky Horror, as they sing universally beloved songs like "The Time Warp," "Sweet Transvestite," "Toucha Toucha Touch Me," "Dammit Janet," and also a couple songs that were cut from the cult classic film version.

But it's more than just sex, drugs, and rock and roll (as if that weren't enough) -- when it first opened in London, the Daily Mail said, “Richard O’Brien’s spangled piece of erotic fantasy is so funny, so fast, so sexy, and so unexpectedly well realized that one is in danger of merely applauding it without assessing it. That would be a pity. Because I believe Mr. O’Brien has something quite nifty to say…”
If ever there was a New Line show, this one is it. 

The cast of New Line's Rocky Horror included Bryan Shyne (Frank), Todd Schaefer (Brad), April Lindsey (Janet), Alan McCormick (Riff Raff), Alice Kinsella (Magenta), Kimi Short (Columbia), Jeff Pruett (Rocky Horror), Brian Claussen (Eddie/Dr. Scott), and Chris "Zany" Clark (The Narrator). Scott Miller (director), Betsy Krausnick (costume designer), Todd Schaefer (set designer), Mark Schilling (lighting designer)

Read the rave review in the St. Louis Post Dispatch


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