A Free Public Reading
Book, Music and Lyrics by Scott Miller
One Night Only, January 9, 2023. 8:00 pm


A Public Reading
Free & Open to the Public

What happens when a family’s secrets are all revealed on one outrageous, pot-fueled Christmas Eve in 1959?

Poor Harry Goodson is about to find out, as he’s visited overnight by his dead brother, Jesus Christ, Sandra Dee, and Johnny Appleweed, and he finally learns what his family already knows, that the answer to all his problems is marijuana!

Not really a sequel to the unintentionally hilarious 1936 “scare film,” this new musical is more a wacky companion piece, a tongue-in-cheek response, a comic look at what a little pot and a little truth can do to a normal, average, Midwestern, American family at mid-century, just as America plunges into the chaos of the 1960s. Songs include "The Elves Get Stoned," "Heteronormative," "Love Doesn't Suck With My Dick," "Hoo-Hoo of Steel," "That Stick Up Your Ass," "Better Living Through Chemistry," "The Ballad of Harry Anslinger," and other future classics.

There will be a brief talk-back after the reading for reactions and comments from the audience. New Line will present a full production of A Reefer Madness Christmas in fall 2023 at the Grandel Theatre. More details to come...

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