Adam Guettel's beautiful, haunting re-telling of the true story of the death of the Greatest Caver Ever Known.


The 1999–2000 season opened in November with the St. Louis premiere of the brilliant Floyd Collins, which Stephen Sondheim called "the best musical of the last 25 years." The show is by Adam Guettel (the grandson of legendary Broadway composer Richard Rodgers) and Tina Landau, based on a true story. In 1925, while exploring a Kentucky cave he hoped to turn into a tourist attraction, 37 year old Floyd Collins became the attraction himself when he got trapped 100 feet underground. The St. Louis critics loved it – The Riverfront Times called it "a remarkable piece of musical theater." The St. Louis Post Dispatch said, "Floyd Collins continues the hot streak that began last season with Camelot and Into the Woods."

Floyd Collins – Troy Schnider

Homer Collins – Eric Whitman

Nellie Collins – Kimi Short

Lee Collins – Steven R. Johnson

Jane Collins – Mary “Mo” Monahan

William “Skeets” Miller – Dan Sattel

Bee Doyle – Karl Berberich

Ed Bishop – Michael Deak

Jewel Estes – Colin DeVaughan

H.T. Carmichael – Patrick Kerwin

Cliff Roney/Reporter – Chris Brenner

Dr. Hazlett/Reporter – Keith Hale

Reporter – John Rhine


Directors – Scott Miler and Alison Helmer

Assistant Director – Kevin Corlett

Lighting Designer – Mark Schilling

Costume Designer – Elizabeth Krausnick

Set Designer and Scene Painter – Karl Berberich

Stage Manager – Amy Francis Schott

Sound Technician – Chris Clark



Praise for New Line's Floyd Collins

“New Line Theatre . . . continues the hot streak that began last season with Camelot and Into the Woods. Scott Miller's productions always are small in scale, but the imaginative scope of these recent shows has impressive depth. . . It offers perspective instead of self-indulgence, imagination instead of ego. It's a compelling musical and one that is well-suited to the New Line Theatre's stripped-down style.” – Judith Newmark, St. Louis Post Dispatch

“Adam Guettel, the composer and lyricist, and Tina Landau have turned this dark, sad tale into a remarkable piece of musical theater that, although hardly flawless, is consistently interesting both in its music and it the way the story is told. . . New Line Theatre has fielded a strong cast whose vocal abilities are generally matches for Guettel's often demanding music. . . and what a pleasure it was to hear natural, unamplified voices.” – Harry Weber, The Riverfront Times

“Scott Miller's New Line Theatre company, in the small cave of the St. Marcus Theatre, is shouting out a beautiful exploratory cave call: they have been delving into the subterranean recesses of musical theatre for some years, and now they've opened a fine production that epitomizes their own search. . . The cast abounds with strong performances.” – Steve Callahan, KDHX-FM


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