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No other theatre company in the country offers the online resources New Line does. The musical theatre is one of our very few indigenous American art forms, one of America's greatest gifts to the world, and New Line treats it with the seriousness, respect, humor, and joy that it deserves. And more important to us than anything is helping students and adults alike to better understand and appreciate American musical theatre so they can enjoy going to the theatre more than ever before. Toward that end, New Line offers a number of services and programs to local high schools and colleges, all free-of-charge...

New Line's YouTube History of Musical Theatre -- more than 250 YouTube videos arranged in chronological order, charting the entire history of the American musical theatre, from Little Johnny Jones (1904) to the present, with many of the videos featuring original cast members, original staging, original choreography, etc. It's such a huge playlist, we had to split it into two -- 1904-1999 and 2000-present. New Line's YouTube channel also contains interviews with Broadway artists and New Line artists, and other historical gems.

Artistic Director Scott Miller's Background and Analysis Essays -- Detailed explorations of musicals that New Line has produced, some from Miller's already published books on musical theatre, others from his upcoming book.

The Bad Boy of Musical Theatre Blog -- created in 2007, artistic director Sccott Miller's ongoing blog chronicles the creation process for every show New Line produces. And check out Scott's blog's subject Index, to see the many topics he's written about. Also, for every show, several of the New Line artists also keep their own blogs about the process.

New Line's Full-Service Website -- More information about New Line and mmusical theatre than you'll ever need, including extensive background info on each of New Line's shows, Scott Miller's background notes (from his books) on each New Line show, an extensive, a comprehensive list of ALL the musicals coming up in St. Louis, a comprehensive list of all the other theatre companies in St. Louis and their websites, several pages of musical theatre links, cabaret links, research links, licensing agents links, and much more.

The New Line Bookstore -- New Line's one-stop shop for books about musical theatre, biographies and history books, behind-the-scenes books, audition materials, scripts and scores, novels musicals are based on, and lots more.

St. Louis Theatre Discussion Group -- a free, online discussion group aboutt St. Louis theatre, local productions, auditions, theatre issues, interesting articles, and lots of lively debate. The list has more than 350 members right now, and anyone can join! For more info, go to Yahoo! Groups.

New Line's Scholarship -- Our annual scholarship to a high schoool student who shows promise in the musical theatre. Details are on our Scholarship Page. The scholarship has been temporarily suspended, due to budget constraints.

New Line's Student Rep Program -- Every high school and college in the area is invited to choose one student to be its Student Rep. That student receives free tickets to all New Line shows, free posters and other promotional stuff, background articles and other materials, and an invitation to attend a New Line rehearsal. To join the program, just send us the student's name and email address.

New Line's Intern Program -- New Line accepts directing and techniical interns for all productions. Email us at for more details.

The New Line College Free Seats -- New Line Theatre makes available ten free seats to every mainstage performance, open to any college student with a valid student ID. Limit one seat per ID. These free seats will be available on performance nights only, at the theatre box office, from 7:00 p.m., when the box office opens, until 7:55 p.m. After that time, these seats may be sold.

New Line's High School Discount -- Any high school student with a valid school ID can get a $10 ticket for any performance all season long, with the code word for each show, which will posted only on New Line's Facebook page. This offer is available only at the door.

New Line's Tech for Tickets Program -- New Line offers free tickets to qualiified students in exchange for hours helping with the technical end of New Line shows

New Line's Student Rush Tickets -- Five minutes before the start of everry New Line show, any seats still open are available to students for only $10.00.

New Line's Artistic Director Scott Miller will come to your school, to speak on many topics, including...

  • a background discussion of whatever show is next for New Line, including historical and social context, production history, the show's central themes, its music and lyrics, its structure and form, its subtext, and much more. (This is most valuable if the students are coming to see the show, but it can be interesting even if they aren't.)
  • a background discussion of your next musical, including historical and social context, production history, the show's central themes, its music and lyrics, its structure and form, its subtext, and much more
  • an audition workshop/master class in which Miller will work with and critique your students to better prepare them for auditions in "the real world"
  • a overview of musical theatre history, from the late 1800s to the present, including the evolution of the art form, as well as the lesser known musical theatre milestones that other historians ignore
  • discussions of more narrow topics, like the works of Rodgers and Hammerstein, the works of Stephen Sondheim, the history of the rock musical, the Federal Theatre Project in the late 30s, the present and future of musical theatre, or pretty much any topic you can come up with...

Don't hesitate to contact us for questions about our work, or about musical theatre in general. New Line is here to promote musical theatre in our region. Part of that is our productions, but another part is helping teachers and students.